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Joe Keery from "Stranger Things" and actress Maika Monroe" Relationship

Joe Keery and actress Maika Monroe Relationship

Joe Keery  and actress Maika Monroe Relationship

According To Uswhispers Stanger Things star Joe Keery has been in a relationship with the same woman he was in a relationship with in 2022. The relationship between Maika Monroe (@maikamonroe) and Joe Keery has been going on for over five years now.

GQ claims that the couple first met at a party in Los Angeles in 2017. After Everything was released the same year, and a few months later, they announced their relationship at the Stranger Things season 2 premiere. The Stranger Things season 2 premiere, held on October 26th, marked the first public appearance of Keery and Monroe as a couple on the red carpet. On the red carpet, the actress not only posed for pictures but also kissed her man on the cheek.

Then in December 2017, Keery and his girlfriend went for an afternoon stroll through Soho on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where they became cosy. They didn't hold back as they walked arm in arm and shared a passionate kiss on the sidewalk while dressed almost identically.

It was announced on September 17th that Stranger Things was nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards, including best drama series, outstanding direction, and outstanding writing. Keery and Monroe attended the awards ceremony on that same day. After Everything, a film starring Joe Keery and Maika Monroe, was shot later that year.

Despite keeping their relationship a closely guarded secret, the couple has been spotted together at numerous award shows and premieres over the years. Keery and Monroe met at a Los Angeles party in 2021, according to a GQ profile of the Stranger Things actor published in that year.

That gold necklace he wears at all times was given to him by the It follows actress, according to the Massachusetts native GQ. During our trip, I discovered it and it immediately broke. "She had it redone for me for Christmas," he gushed. The actor and musician admitted, "Things have been pretty good for me, so I can't say," despite the fact that he jokingly feared the necklace was haunted.

Both Monroe and Keery appeared in After Everything, a 2018 film. Monroe plays Mia, a young woman who falls in love with Elliot (Jeremy Allen White) after learning of his terminal illness. Tinder date with Chris, played by Keery before Elliot's arrival, is bad for Mia. Sasha Lane, Dean Winters, and Marisa Tomei round out the cast.

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