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Jinx Chapter 10 Release date

Jinx Chapter 10

Jinx Chapter 10
Jinx Chapter 10

According To Uswhispers revealed to Kim that Jaekyung called him because he needed money. Then he gave Jaekyung a free service. Jaekyung struggles to say goodbye to Kim.

Jaekyung and Kim met at the practise area. Jaekyung has been working on his technique in the ring, which is why he looks sweaty.

After practise, Jaekyung drew Kim Dan nearer to him.

Kim Dan gets intoxicated at a club member's party the following day. Only Jaekyung was awake when Kim Dan was driven home.

When he learned that Kim Dan's mansion was quite concerning, he was taken aback. How will he proceed?

You can enjoy Manhwa Jinx chapter 11 on the next schedule.

Synopsis of Manhwa JINX in Indonesian

Physical therapist Dan Kim has missed her golden opportunity. One of them, a

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