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An American Killed In Ukraine Was 'true To His Love,' Stayed With A Sick Partner.

Jimmy Hill, an American slain in Ukraine, stayed with his sick girlfriend because he was "loyal to his love." Before he was assassinated in Ukraine this week, Jimmy Hill impacted lives all over the world through his teachings and storytelling, according to relatives and friends.
Jimmy Hill

According to his family, American James "Jimmy" Hill actually refused to cancel his journey to Ukraine last month to offer medical treatment to his longterm wife Irina Teslenko, who has been diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis.

Hill, 68, was murdered in a Russian airstrike on Chernihiv, a town in northern Ukraine, while Teslenko was being treated. Teslenko and her mother are attempting to flee the city, according to Hill's family, but an ambulance is required, and it is uncertain whether this will be possible.

Hill's sister, Katya Hill, described her brother's connection with Teslenko as a "wonderful love tale, but sadly it has a terrible finish" in an interview from Pittsburgh.

Teslenko's sickness had advanced to the point where she had lost her right to move and much of her hand usage, according to Katya Hill. She stated her brother, a native of Eveleth, Minnesota, who was residing in Driggs, Idaho, had been attempting to get therapies for months before eventually getting them in February.

Katya tried to persuade him to postpone his trip after hearing about Russian tanks approaching the Ukrainian border. Her brother, on the other hand, believed that the world would not allow the attack to take place.
jimmy Hill

Katya said the couple met in Ukraine, where her brother was educating social work and forensic psychology at institutions in numerous nations. When Hill was in the United States, they spent years together, chatting daily.

As bombings became more common and supplies became short, Katya claimed her brother had fantasised of bringing Ukrainian families to the United States and establishing a "little Ukraine" at Airbnb homes he owned in Idaho and Montana.

She claimed that her brother adored Ukraine, and that friends had assisted her in piecing together that he had chosen to remain in the country to be with Teslenko and her mother.

Hill was shot while waiting in a breadline, according to initial reports, but his sister confirmed the family had been informed.

Hill was shot while waiting in a breadline, according to reports, but his sister said the family had got additional information from legislators and friends in Ukraine.

Hill and a buddy, Katya claimed, went to a location where they heard buses were ready to transport people through a safe corridor. He assured his companion that he would return to the hospital because there were over a thousand people in queue. According to Katya's acquaintance, Russian shelling began shortly after, killing her brother.

Katya stated that her family was expecting to hear officially from the US State Department regarding her brother's whereabouts. The death of an American was confirmed by Chernihiv police and the State Department, although he was not identified.

Hill recalled "indiscriminate bombardment" in a besieged city in Facebook posts in the weeks leading up to his death. In a Facebook Messenger group, Katya said he highlighted growing difficulties. Food and supplies were growing limited as power and heat were cut off. Katya said her brother would queue for food and supplies and return with everything he could for the hospital personnel.

The majority of the patients had relocated to the basement, but Teslenko and her mother remained in the upper levels due to the cold and so that she could complete her treatment.

Teslenko's mother, Katya, stated that she had been informed of Hill's death but refused to inform her daughter. She added that they hoped for assistance in evacuating back to Teslenko's father's native village south of Kyiv, but it was uncertain whether they would be able to find an ambulance or a safe road.

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