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Billionaire Jerry Jones Net Worth 2022

Billionaire Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry Jones Net Worth 2022
Jerry Jones Net Worth 2022

According To Uswhispers Jerry Jones Net Worth 2022 $12 billion jerry Jones is a well-known American billionaire businessman best known for being the owner of the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys (NFL). Since 1989, he has served as the Cowboys' owner. Jones played football for the University of Arkansas and was a former player.

He is the second-richest NFL owner as of 2022, behind Panthers owner David Tepper. Since 1989, Jones has helped the Cowboys win three Super Bowl championships and transformed them into one of the most valuable sports organisations in the world.

Jerry Jones's Supporters

Jerry Jones, who is worth billions of dollars, has been known to endorse presidents and has previously backed Donald Trump. For his squad, he has also given his support to a few coaches.

Other Income Sources for Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones made his first million in oil ventures in the 1970s in addition to owning the Dallas Cowboys. He continues to make investments in drilling prospects, Dallas-area residential and retail real estate developments, hospitality management, and Papa John's franchises. Jones also acquired a majority stake in Comstock Resources, a publicly traded oil and gas business in Texas. Additionally, he has made a number of cameos in television movies and advertisements.

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