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Jennifer Lopez Honors Ben Affleck With an Engagement Ring-Matching Manicure

Jennifer Lopez Honors Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez Honors Ben Affleck

According To Uswhispers honour of Ben Affleck's engagement, Jennifer Lopez has added the cutest detail. Her nails were spruced up by celebrity nail expert Tom Bachik, who added a heartfelt homage to her 49-year-old husband Ben. On her ring and middle fingers, she had a lovely gold "J" and "B" and a matching heart on her nails, which looked clean and new. In an Instagram remark, Tom said, "If you know... then you know...,"

The pair, who rekindled their romance in 2021, got engaged less than two months after getting their nails done. On the JLo newsletter, Jen and Ben announced their plans to get married on April 8th. In an intimate Instagram video, she teased that she would be sharing a "more personal" and "unique story" with them.

As a result, the couple has been working hard to embark on their new adventure as a married couple, which includes looking for a property. Because Jen has a large family, she's seeking for a home with plenty of space for entertaining and hosting guests.

According to Uswhispers , Jennifer doesn't want a nursery in her future home with Ben. Another close friend of the pair informed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that a child is not in the couple's future plans. There are no plans to have any more children at this point in their lives, they said. To add fuel to the fire, Ben is convinced that JLo and his children are meant to be together." Jennifer Garner thinks it's wonderful that they're trying so hard to make this a blended family. If the kids come over to see their father and JLo, she doesn't mind one bit since it provides her some much-needed me-time."

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