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Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Dating :Uswhispers Updated

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Dating

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Dating

According To Uswhispers In 2016, the 38-year-old One Tree Hill alum and the 38-year-old professional dancer worked together. Savchenko was married to Elena Samodanova while her ex-husband Mike Caussin was receiving treatment for sex addiction.

Kramer admitted to having "flings and flirts" with other men during their divorce in the couple's upcoming book, The Good Fight, writing, "I never truly thought I did anything wrong." Correction. But I didn't want to be the one who did something wrong. Just as Mike had done, I found an explanation for what I had done in my head.

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She claimed that her husband had been unfaithful during their marriage, which he denied at the time of their separation in November 2020. According to her rep, "It's no secret that Gleb has had affairs with former dance partners—and who knows who else." Kramer and Savchenko's representatives were mum on the affair claims.

They reconciled in December 2017 and renewed their wedding vows. Their two children, Jolie, 5, and Jace, 3, are no longer with him after he cheated on her again in April of 2021, according to reports. The "Story" singer had a six-month relationship with Ian Schinelli, which ended in April.

Jane told me she slept with two men while Mike was in rehab, and I believe her. Schinelli told Us that she had sex with Gleb. It was "legally separated," she said, to justify her behaviour."

"She even tried to meet up with Gleb while we were dating," said the ex-Navy Seal. She wanted to meet up with him because he was playing a show in Nashville, and I told her it was fine. "As long as there is nothing left," I said, and she responded, "No." She never said it was out of respect for me or anything like that.'

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