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James Corley Net Worth

James Corley Net Worth 2023

James Corley Net Worth 2023
James Corley Net Worth 2023

According To Uswhispers James Corley Net Worth $10 million when he passed away. Corley got a lot of his money from the restaurant chain Dave & Buster's, which he and Corriveau ran until 1989, when the retail conglomerate Edison Brothers Stores bought a majority stake in the chain to help it grow.

When and where did Dave & Buster's open?

The first Dave & Buster's was opened by Corley and Corriveau in Dallas in 1982. In 1978, they met in Little Rock, Arkansas, where they both owned businesses next to each other. Corley owned a restaurant and bar called Buster's, and Corriveau ran a nearby arcade called Slick Willy's World of Entertainment.

Arkansas Business says that Corley's restaurant was a "stylish place that drew young professionals." Its customers were politicians, lobbyists, "bond daddies," and other rich people. Arkansas Business says that Buster's made about $1.5 million a year in sales back in the early 1980s.

Dave & Buster's is now a public company with over 140 locations all over the United States. Macrotrends says that the company has a net worth of $1.71 billion. The biggest Dave & Buster's is in Orlando, and it has more than 40,200 square feet of space for eating and having fun.

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