Jake Steinfeld Net Worth

Jake Steinfeld Net Worth 2022

Jake Steinfeld Net Worth
Jake Steinfeld Net Worth

According To Uswhispers Jake Steinfeld Net Worth $20 Million In the early 1980s, Jake was working as a bouncer when an actress approached him at a pool. When the actress saw his physical fitness, she asked if she could pay him to train her for an upcoming commercial in which she would have to wear a bikini. That is how the compensated physical training industry began.

Career: Word quickly spread about the celebrity trainer who helped celebrities become in shape for assignments. To mention a few, he trained Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and Eddie Murphy. Working with Eddie Murphy helped Jake obtain a small role in the film "Coming to America."

Ted Turner, the billionaire, soon came calling. Turner, who had recently founded CNN and was looking for content, hired Jake to create and act in "Fitness Freak by Jake," a midday show.

Jake helped develop FitTV, the world's first 24-hour exercise network, in 1993. His first show on the network was called "Big Brother Jake," but he really made a name for himself with "Body by Jake." FitTV's parent business, International Family Entertainment, was bought out by Fox Entertainment and Saban Entertainment in 1997. Jake allegedly made "a fortune" from the deal.

He later founded ExerciseTV, the first 'on-demand' fitness television network. FitOrbit is a low-cost online digital platform that links consumers to genuine (live) personal trainers.

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