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Jade Roper Talks Baby Plans With Tanner Tolbert After 3 Kids

 Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert want to have more kids, that's not a bad idea! Asked about the launch of Poise Ultra Thin Pads with Wings, Jade said, "We said we were done with three, but I always see another baby." When our youngest Reed is 18 months old, he's becoming more of a toddler, and I see Ashley and Raven with their newborns, and I'm just like, "I need it! I need it! I need it!" I love babies so much. What's weird is that, even though I don't like all the things about being pregnant, I also love being pregnant. Even though I don't have one anymore, I almost want to have another one because my life is moving into a new phase because my son has turned two.

Jade Roper Talks Baby Plans With Tanner Tolbert
Jade Roper Talks Baby Plans With Tanner Tolbert

To help her deal with the difficulties she has as a mother, Jade and Poise have teamed up. Carly Waddell, Jade's best friend from Bachelor in Paradise, teamed up with Poise to help women who might be held back by bladder leaks. The Ultra Thin Pads with Wings give them the confidence to go into the summer without having to worry about a leak because they are so thin.

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"We really just want to remove the stigmas from so many taboo topics about being a mother," Jade told the class. "We always say that nothing is off limits." When we talk about Poise, we're talking about bladder leaks that happen when you're a mom. It's just the way things are, especially after giving birth and having three kids like I do! It's the truth. This is a great deal for us. It's our goal to make women feel like they can talk about these issues and that it's normal and that they're not alone in it.

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