Hunter Moore Net Worth

Hunter Moore Net Worth 2022

Hunter Moore Net Worth
Hunter Moore Net Worth

According To Uswhispers Selling products and convincing customers to buy advertisements contributed between $8,000 and $13,000 to Hunter Moore's net worth. "A website that has more users and more traffic will allow you to charge a higher price for advertising space,"

However, the fact that he only received $12,000 for the sale of his company to anti-bullying activist James McGibney in April 2012 demonstrates that he was not making as much money as he had hoped to be making at the time.

James, in the version of the story that was originally broadcast on Netflix, Hunter wanted to close down his website not just because he was concerned about running afoul of the law, but also because he was desperate for financial support. This made the transaction more simpler. In the years that followed, the man who had previously been known as the "King of revenge porn" continued to use illegal substances and attend parties, but he also started working as a professional DJ. He claimed that he taught himself how to mix music while he was on a plane two hours before his first performance.

But in the end, at the beginning of 2014, he was detained on suspicion of using a hacker to break into people's email accounts and obtain sexual photographs of them so that he could post them on the internet. Otakukart has no further comments to make on this subject now that they have this knowledge. We appreciate you paying attention and hope to see you again soon.

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