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Helena Bonham :Dating Uswhispers Updates

Helena Bonham Dating

According To Uswhispers Helena Bonham Carter is a well-known British actress who has appeared in a number of high-profile films and television shows. When she played Princess Margaret in The Crown season 4, people took notice, and now she's one of our greatest actors to watch.

Helena, a woman of the arts, has had two major relationships with men who share her creative interests, Kenneth Branagh and Tim Burton, respectively. As the actress admitted to The Guardian in 2020, "Me and Ken was a very different experience from me and Tim.

As you may have guessed, Ken didn't want to direct me once we were in a relationship because it can be difficult and I believe that he didn't want to — anyway, that's all blood under the bridge."

You can read about Helena's relationships, including her marriage to Kenneth and her 13-year partnership with Tim, in the sections below.

Emma, who played Professor Trelawny, and Kenneth, who played Gilderoy Lockhart, were now linked to Helena, aka Bellatrix Lestrange, in the "love triangle."

In spite of their fame and prominence in Hollywood, the couple kept their relationship a closely guarded secret until June 1997, when they finally confirmed their relationship. "Of course we're together, and it's a pleasure, thank you," Helena said at the time to reporters.

However, despite their long-lasting romance (and the resulting media attention due to a rumoured love triangle involving Kenneth's ex-girlfriend), the couple ended up parting ways in 1999. At the time, Helena was quoted as saying to the press, "I am very sad to confirm that Kenneth Branagh and I are no longer together," clarifying that the "decision was mutual and no one else was involved."

The two have maintained a friendship despite the fact that they've gone their separate ways. In the year following their breakup, Helena attended the premiere of Kenneth's film Love's Labour's Lost to show her support for him. A decade and a half later, Kenneth and Helena worked together once again, this time on a live-action version of Cinderella.

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