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Harry Styles Dating Girlfriend Olivia Wilde

According To Uswhispers After keeping their romance private for the better part of a year after they began dating in earnest about 18 months ago, Harry Styles has finally opened up about his relationship with actress Olivia Wilde.

Harry Styles Dating Girlfriend Olivia Wilde

Haz addressed Olivia for the first time in an interview with Howard Stern, where he discussed everything from his new music to his upcoming films.

A man who worked with Olivia said he had a "wonderful" experience. "Acting can be a little awkward at times; you have to put a lot of faith in yourself." Being able to put your trust in your director was a big help. As a result, working on DWD was a wonderful experience."

He went on to explain why he maintains such secrecy about his personal life.

Then Harry said, "I've never found that openly discussing my private life to ever positively affect it.." " When I'm working hard and giving it my all, I like to live my life. People who blur the lines for me annoy me, not the other way around.

According To Uswhispers

A few months ago, Harry told us in an interview on Capital Breakfast that he didn't recommend seeing his upcoming films with his parents.

Roman inquired about Roman's new films with his parents, Martin and Shirley Kemp, following rumours that My Policeman contained sexy scenes.

Neither did Harry admit! With that in mind, he warned, "I don't know whether you can watch either with your parents—I'm going to have to do another."

According to the actor, the cast and crew had a close bond on set, which allowed them to discuss every move in great detail prior to filming the raunchy scenes.

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