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Good Friday 2022

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary is commemorated on Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday in the Christian calendar (located right outside the walls of Jerusalem). It is also known as Great Friday, Black Friday, and Easter Friday. It is the sixth day of Holy Week. Paschal Triduum, which begins on Maundy Thursday and continues through Easter Sunday, is also a component of this day.

Good Friday

Christians around the world mark Good Friday as a holy day. Jesus Christ was crucified by the Roman cavalry on this day. For the sake of his offspring, Jesus Christ is said to have suffered and died in order to atone for their sins and free them from their torment. Friday, April 15th, 2019, is set aside as a day of remembrance for those who have died. Following Good Friday is Easter, which celebrates Christ's resurrection on the first Sunday after Easter.

Christians gather for worship on the eve of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, known as Good Friday. To honour Christ's suffering for the sake of humanity, some of these people also fast and pray.

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