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Gilbert Gottfried’s Net Worth

Friends and colleagues in Hollywood were stunned by Gilbert Gottfried's passing because he would be long remembered as the comedian with the legendary voice. Dara Kravitz, his wife, and their two children are still alive. When Gilbert Gottfried died, how much money did he have? With that, here's everything you need to know about his finances and how he's been known to keep his money.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Net Worth

Gilbert Gottfried, our dear Gilbert Gottfried, passed away after a long illness, we are heartbroken to say," the post read, alongside a photo of Gottfried. It's hard to overstate Gilbert's importance as a spouse, brother, and father to his two small children. Please, in Gilbert's memory, continue to laugh as loud as you can, despite the fact that this is a terrible day for all of us. We, the Gottfrieds, love you."

Friend and publicist Glenn Schwartz, who has known Gottfried for a long time, provided additional details on the disease. "Recurrent Ventricular Tachycardia due to Myotonic Dystrophy type," Schwartz told NBC News of Gottfried's condition.

The $8 million fortune of Gilbert

At the age of 15, Gilbert moved to New York City and began performing stand-up comedy. A few years later, the Saturday Night Live showrunners noticed him, but he couldn't break through at the time.

It was on series like The Cosby Show and Hollywood Squares that he had his first taste of popularity. In Aladdin, he provided the voice of Aflac the duck and Iago the parrot.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Net Worth

Film and television were Gilbert's primary source of revenue. Since 1984, Gilbert has appeared in more than 59 films, including those in which he provided his distinctive voice. From 1980 until 2022, the star of Problem Child appeared in more than 49 shows on television. Smiling Friends was his most recent film role.

Gilbert has also provided his voice for video games such as Kingdom Hearts, Disney's Arcade Frenzy, Lego DC Super-villains, and Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge.. Another way that he got rich is through his work as the voice of the Aflac Duck in a number of national commercials, including those for Pepsi and Pop Tarts. He also appeared in ads for Glad (2003) and Subway (2000).

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