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Gentleman Jack: The Llangollen Ladies who piqued Anne Lister's interest

Many fans of the series Gentleman Jack are aware with the interesting story of Anne Lister, an 18th century industrialist and lesbian.

Fewer people are aware of the trailblazing same-sex couple in north Wales, whom she visited after deciding to marry a woman.

The "epic love story" of the Ladies of Llangollen has now been turned into a play.

Celebrated Virgins author Katie Elin-Salt seeks to get audiences "passionate about LGBT history."

Who were the Llangollen Ladies?

Sarah Ponsonby and Lady Eleanor Butler shared their country estate Plas Newydd in Llangollen, Denbighshire, for 50 happy years.

Their unorthodox, romantic way of life grabbed the public, and they gained celebrity-like status, resulting in a high demand for prints of them.

When Sarah (1755-1831) was 13 years old and Lady Eleanor (1739-1829) was 29, the two noble ladies met at boarding school in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Sarah, an orphan, was raised by her father's cousin Lady Betty Fownes and her husband Sir William in a mansion in Woodstock, near Kilkenny. Lady Eleanor Butler of Kilkenny Castle was Walter Butler's third daughter.

When Sarah's relatives were away, she began to function as her guardian, and the two developed a close emotional bond that would last the rest of their lives.

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