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Actor Ezra Miller Arrested

When Ezra Miller, who played The Flash in movies like Justice League and other superhero movies, went to Hawaii, he was arrested. Ezra got angry when he was told to leave a party at a home on the Big Island. A woman was hit in the forehead by him because he was angry. The woman didn't want to get help for the half-inch cut on her forehead. A traffic stop led to the arrest of Ezra Miller. He was released after being questioned by police.

Ezra Miller Arrested

This is his second arrest in the last few weeks. He was arrested in Hawaii on March 28 after a fight at a karaoke bar. He was charged with acting in a way that was disruptive and harassing. He was at a bar in Hawaii called Silva Street where people could sing. The police said that Ezra was having a good time. He became angry and yelled obscenities at the people who were there. They were both playing darts at the bar. He also tried to lunge at a man playing darts there.

A woman in Hawaii says that U.S. actor Ezra Miller hit her. He was arrested.

Police say the Fantastic Beasts star threw a chair at the woman, leaving her with a cut on her forehead.

Second-degree assault charges were filed against Miller in the early hours of Tuesday morning at a private property in Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island, after reports of the attack. Miller was arrested.

According To It's the second time that the 29-year-old has been arrested in the last few weeks.

The police in Hawaii say the actor was "angry" before he threw the chair.

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