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Ellen Barkin Net Worth :2022 uswhispers Updated

Ellen Barkin Net Worth

Ellen Barkin Net Worth

Ellen Barkin Net Worth: Ellen Barkin is an American actress who has a net worth of $80 million. After breaking into the mainstream with a role in the 1982 film "Diner," Ellen became one of the most recognisable figures in Hollywood with a number of leading roles.

She is known for her 'tough-cookie persona.' Barkin's trademark squinting eyes and slightly off-kilter facial features set her apart from the typical Hollywood female stereotype

She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in 1991's "Switch," and she went on to appear in a slew of other noteworthy films throughout the following decade. When she made her Broadway debut in 2011, it was her final stage appearance before retiring from acting. Barkin has also appeared in television shows like "Animal Kingdom," for which she received an Emmy nomination. Ellen is a successful producer with a long list of credits to her name, outside of her acting career.

It was with the 1982 film "Diner" that Barkin made his name as an actor. In 1983, she was cast in "Tender Mercies" after receiving positive reviews. Throughout the late 1980s, Ellen booked a number of notable roles in films such as 'The Big Easy' and 'Sea of Love.' She also appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions during this time period.

"Before Women Had Wings" earned her an Emmy Award for her performance in the late 1990s. Barkin's performance in "Switch" earned her yet another nomination for best actress. While she was working in Hollywood in the late 1990s, she appeared in films like "The White River Kid." Ellen made her acting debut in "Ocean's Thirteen" in 2007.

Divorce settlement from billionaire Ronald Perelman

Many famous actors, including Ralph Fiennes (aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), Robert Duvall, David Arquette, and Johnny Depp, have crossed paths with Barkin over the years. Since her divorce from multi-billionaire banker Ronald Perelman, she has been married to Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, with whom she has two children.

Barkin's acting career has brought in a sizable amount of money, but it was her divorce from Perelman in 2006 that really paved the way for her to become a wealthy woman. Here's everything we know about her divorce settlement and her current net worth:

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