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‘Don’t Worry Darling’ First look 2022

Olivia Wilde brought the 1950s to CinemaCon. She showed off the first look at Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in the psychological thriller "Don't Worry Darling," which is set in the 1950s.

Cinema owners at the annual trade show saw a preview of what's coming out in the movie. It's not yet available to the public. We see Styles and Pugh together in bed when the video starts. They play a husband and wife who live in an idyllic experimental community in the California desert, with palm trees and high-end cars all around them.

Other scenes in the trailer show Styles yelling in a car and then having sex with Pugh on a dining room table. They may not trust each other, but they have no trouble having sex. In another scene, Styles and Pugh are having sex against a sink, even though Chris Pine is in the same room. When Styles is done, he shows off his moves on top of that well-designed dining room table.

"Don't Worry Darling" is based on movies like "Inception," "The Matrix," and "The Truman Show." Wilde talked about the movie's inspirations on stage at Caesars Palace, where CinemaCon is taking place now. She calls the movie "a love letter to movies that push us to think outside the box."

Theater owners: "I want you to think about a life where you have everything you could ever want." "Not just things that can be seen and touched, like a beautiful house, perfect weather, and beautiful cars." But also the things that really matter, like true love, the right partner, real friendships, and a goal that makes you feel like you're making a difference.

"What would it take for you to give up that life, that perfect life, and start over?" What are you willing to give up to do what's right? Wilde said that. What will happen if you start to dismantle the system that's meant to help you?

In "Don't Worry Darling," Wilde made fun of himself. According To Uswhispers Don’t Worry Darling’ First look 2022 Wilde was also given a mysterious manila envelope by someone in the audience, but she didn't talk about what was inside during her presentation. This is how it works:

Wilde also praised her actors, who were not in attendance at Warner Bros.' presentation on Tuesday night. She called Styles "an up-and-coming actor with no other career that I know of, and he is nothing short of a revelation in this part."

It was clear to us that Pugh's role in the movie would either make or break it. She's brilliant, sexy, fierce, and tough. Wilde says Pugh is the reason the movie "lives or dies" on her performance, adding, "We knew this movie would live or die on her."

Pugh plays a happy housewife who starts to suspect that her husband's glamorous company might be hiding dark secrets. His project is called the Victory Project, and he says it will change the world.

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