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Chelsea Net Worth 2023

Chelsea Net Worth 2023

Chelsea Net Worth
Chelsea Net Worth

According To Uswhispers $494 million in annual revenue, $2.3 billion in total, and $127 million in operating income. 

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Abramovich put the club up for sale on March 2. A few days later, the UK government sanctioned him and imposed conditions on how any sale deal could proceed.

Boehly added, "We are honoured to be the new custodians of Chelsea Football Club. "Every minute of every game, we're all in. Owners with a clear goal: we want to uplift the fans.

"Along with our commitment to developing the youth squad and acquiring the best talent, our plan of action is to invest in the Club for the long-term and build on Chelsea’s remarkable history of success.

"I personally want to thank ministers and officials in the British government, and the Premier League,

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