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Camila Cabello’s Victoria’s: secret Campaign

Camila Cabello looked great in a sheer bodysuit and other sexy clothes in the new Victoria's Secret campaign.

Camila Cabello’s Victoria’s Secret Campaign
Camila Cabello’s Victoria’s

Photo: Camila looked great in a long-sleeve black jumpsuit that was completely see through. She was wearing a Dress and high-waisted underwear that went with the jumpsuit, too.

A plunging, spaghetti strap, denim corset top with lacing in the middle of Camila's chest and a lot of cleavage made the photos even more sexy. She looked great in the photos. She put the picture on Instagram and wrote, I loved this shoot! It's not very often that my little sun freckles get to shine for all to see.

In addition, Ral Martinez, the Chief Creative Director at Victoria's Secret, said that Camila was a pleasure to work with. "On set, Camila had a presence that didn't need to be directed," he said. In the end, it was all about celebrating her and how unique she is that this perfume and campaign came to be.

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