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Buster Douglas Net Worth 2022

Buster Douglas Net Worth 2022

Buster Douglas Net Worth 2022
Buster Douglas Net Worth 2022

According To uswhispers Buster Douglas Net Worth $15millions When Douglas defeated Mike Tyson, he received $3 million, and he also received $24.1 million for merely taking on Evander Holyfield. In today's dollars, Douglas' payout for his fight with Holyfield would be equivalent to nearly $43.5 million.

If Douglas had contested these fights recently, his highest career earnings would have totaled roughly $56 million between his two most well-known fights.

James "Buster" Douglas, whose father was William "Dynamite" Douglas, was a boxer of the second generation.

Douglas was born and reared in Columbus, Ohio's Linden area, where his well-known father managed the Blackburn Recreation Center's gym.

At McKinley High School during his adolescence, Douglas was a prodigious basketball and football player who helped his team win the Class AAA championship in 1977.

Douglas was given a scholarship at Coffeyville Community College in Kentucky thanks to his basketball abilities.

When he started playing basketball for Sinclair Community College, his college basketball career was abruptly sent back to Ohio.

At Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, he eventually played hard enough to secure himself a second scholarship to assist him continue his studies and his basketball career.

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