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Brooklyn Show Wedding Ring

Brooklyn Beckham and his new wife, Nicola Peltz, showed off their wedding rings for the first time on Friday when they went shopping in New York City. They were both wearing wedding rings.

Brooklyn Show Wedding Ring

In New York City, the newlyweds were seen shopping at high-end stores. They got married last month at Nicola's family's beachfront home. She wore an off-the-shoulder black top, dark flared jeans, and high-heeled sandals when she went out. She also wore a face mask and carried a big bag on her shoulder as she walked with her husband.

Brooklyn, 23, an aspiring chef and photographer, and his wife both had their left hands out. They both looked like they were wearing a lot of wedding jewellery.

Brooklyn's looked a little more slim, while Nicola's looked good on her crowded finger, which also had a new ring that she put on after their wedding.

The photographer got married to Nicola Peltz just a few weeks ago, and he has all the right tools to go with it. A cooking video that the 23-year-old Brit made this week shows off his new diamond wedding band, which he wears with the simple gold ring he already has on the same finger.

Brooklyn Show Wedding Ring

It looks like the ring has step-cut diamonds that are custom-made for a perfect fit. Apeksha Kothari, COO of Rare Carat, tells Page Six Style that this takes a lot of skill, and the ring is likely worth about $40,000.

According To Uswhispers

Kothari thinks each diamond is about 0.70 carats, which is "probably the largest it could go without being uncomfortable for daily wear because of the size."

Managing Director Neil Dutta says the band will cost about $50,000 and weigh 6.5 carats total, and he thinks it will be worth that much.

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