Bradley Cooper Brooke Shields Daughters New York Photos

Bradley and Rowan clutched Lea's hand as they crossed the street, while the rest of the stunning bunch trailed behind.

Bradley Cooper Brooke Shields Daughters New York
Bradley Cooper Brooke Shields Daughters New York

Before taking over the streets of New York, the stunning group enjoyed a date at Cafe Cluny in the West Village. Over the Halloween weekend, Bradley and Rowan held Lea's hand as they walked about the crowded town. It was also a highly elegant outing, with everyone dressed in their best casual yet chic attire.

Bradley and Brooke appear to have formed a lifelong connection when they co-starred in the 2008 horror flick The Midnight Meat Train. Many things have happened for Bradley since that film, including the beginning and termination of his relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk, with whom he has a daughter, Lea. He also won a Grammy and received multiple Academy Award nominations for his work on the A Star Is Born album song "Shallow" with Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, Brooke has been raising her two beautiful daughters since her previous collaboration with Bradley. She recently revealed that one of Grier's first modelling jobs was a mother-daughter shot for Victoria's Secret's Intergenerational Mother's Day ad. "It was really surreal to watch her do her homework while we were waiting for our part to be done," she recalled in an EXCLUSIVE interview with "I just had this flashback of me doing the same thing- with the clips in her hair and she was working on her chem or something like that." "The circle of life is there in front of you!" And all I could think about was her beautiful little newborn skin and face."

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