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Bling empire season 2 : Netflix

According to uswhispers Season 2's cast has just gotten a tiny bit bigger! Netflix revealed two new hires on April 15, including TV personality and entrepreneur Dorothy Wang and entrepreneur Mimi Morris.

Bling empire season 2

"Dorothy's Chinese-born mother and father migrated to the United States for graduate school after Dorothy was born and raised in Beverly Hills. Roger Wang, Dorothy's father, developed a wonderful real estate business rapidly and taught Dorothy and her sister the value of hard work, family values, and community service "In a press release, Netflix stated.

The streamer claims that "Mimi Morris was born in the country of Vietnam. Mimi and her seven siblings and sisters were unable to evacuate their hamlet to find shelter during the war, so they spent two years living in a deep hole in the ground with little food or water. Mimi then moved to America, where she established a successful business, married, and began a family. Mimi has never lost her work ethic or her great survival abilities in the face of adversity, even if she now lives in the lap of luxury."

Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Cherie Chan, Jessey Lee, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, and Anna Shay are among the cast members that will return.


Season 2 will put friendship and romances to the test, according to Netflix. Kreider and Kim develop a romance, while Chan and Jessey's relationship and Lim and Kreider's friendship are called into question. Meanwhile, Chiu and Shay are still feuding, but "despite it all, the one thing these friends keep dearest to their hearts is their love for each other... and, of course, immaculate style," says the author.

Who is Bling Empire's Jaime?

Xie, Jaime

Jaime Xie is an entrepreneur, model, socialite, and reality TV star of Chinese descent. She has been an original main cast member in the Netflix TV series Bling Empire since 2021.

Anna is a character from Bling Empire.

Anna is the sole child of Edward Shay, an American industrialist who made his fortune building the defence corporation Pacific Architects and Engineers, and his part-Japanese, part-Russian wife, Ai Oizumi Shay, who was born in Japan. Anna sold PAE in 2006 alongside her brother Allen for a princely sum of $1.2 billion.

Audience Feedback

kondur vinutha

last year

I must admit, I enjoy watching/surfing superfluous shows such as Bollywood wives or other such series. Bling left an indelible impression on me. Loved Every single person who is a part of it. The simplicity with which it dealt with and the rssptjve with which the screenplay treated each entity was incredible. Excellent programme showcasing many lifestyles...and every character was, in some way, so charmingly down to earth. Even if they did play a game, it was simple and unstructured. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you for making something realistic and not too hyped for trps. Looking ahead to the upcoming season

10 months previously

To watch is absolutely fascinating, moving, and eye candy!!! From the trailer, I had no idea how much I would appreciate it. The characters are wealthy, but they have real lives and problems. Each of them is also really likeable. Kevin's and Kim's stories tore me apart. Although I am not wealthy, I found the characters to be relatable. Not only that, but I'm thrilled to see more Asian/Asian-American representations on television, whether on Netflix or on the big screen. Bravo.

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