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Bite Toothpaste Net Worth

Bite Toothpaste Net Worth

Bite Toothpaste Net Worth
Bite Toothpaste Net Worth

According To uswhispers Bite Toothpaste Net Worth 6 Millions Lindsay McCormick was a television producer for HGTV's "House Hunters" five years ago. She was travelling the country while living out of a suitcase and using travel-size toiletries. McCormick explains, "As I continued to go through tubes of toothpaste, I felt incredibly wasteful."

McCormick, an avid surfer and former surf instructor, was acutely aware of where those used toiletries ended up: the ocean. She was astonished to learn how wasteful a particular toiletry item was.

McCormick states, "Each year, more than 50 Empire State Buildings' worth of toothpaste tubes end up in landfills or the ocean." So she decided to develop an alternative solution.

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In 2016, she used her own savings of $6,000 to launch Bite, a vegan, zero-waste toothpaste tablet company. McCormick explains, "I had very little money." It was as if the money I would have spent on something enjoyable was being redirected into my business.

Within a few years, McCormick transformed this $6,000 investment into a multimillion-dollar business. In March of last year, she received an investment offer from Mark Cuban on ABC's "Shark Tank."

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