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Bill Gates : Marry Melinda All Over Again

Marry Melinda All Over Again

I haven't had any regrets about what I did. Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates split up, but he knows that marrying her was the right thing to do, even though they split up.

This is a timeline of Bill and Melinda Gates' love story.

It will happen to every marriage when the kids leave home. Sadly, I had to go through this transition called divorce. The Microsoft founder, 66, said this in an interview with London's Sunday Times that was published on Sunday, May 1. From my point of view, it was a good marriage. I wouldn't have changed anything. You know, I wouldn't marry anyone else.

The newly single billionaire wasn't so sure about getting married to anyone else. “Yes. I want to know if I could marry Melinda all over again, but I don't know. In terms of what I want to do in the future, I don't have any plans, but I think marriage is very important.

As soon as they broke up in May 2021, Us Whispers said that their divorce petition did not have a signed prenuptial agreement in it. On paper, the tech mogul had an estimated worth of about $124.5 million at this point in time. At that point, he was one of the richest people on Earth. However, their divorce was finalised three months after they filed for divorce. Bill knows how rare it is for couples to have amicable divorces when money is involved.

Everything you need to know about Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' divorce is in this book.

When they came up with a fair deal, both of them signed it. But neither of us had to cut back on how much we ate. "OK, I'll have x billion to give away. You'll have y billion to give away." "It was about the reason."

The Seattle native said that each of them got what they wanted. "We're very lucky people." I feel bad for people who have very few resources in any situation. And that's not what we're in. We can give the kids a little, but most of the money will go to philanthropy.

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