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Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens: The Way They Were

It's difficult not to identify Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler's relationship with the term "relationship goals" while discussing their romance. Over the years, the lifelong pair has maintained a strong and loving connection, which they've even shown off on their individual social media profiles.

According to the Daily Mail, the two actors initially met on the set of High School Musical in 2005. Hudgens and her costar Zac Efron, whom she dated for five years before calling it quits in December 2010, were in love at the time.

When Hudgens pondered on her previous relationship with Efron, she expressed her gratitude for the time they had together. "It began out really naturally." In April 2019, Hudgens commented on The Hollywood Reporter's "Awards Chatter" podcast, "I couldn't have been more grateful to have that relationship at the time."

"[High School Musical] was a tremendous phenomenon, and [everyone's] attention was on me." "And it's just a really strange, foreign experience," she continued. "And being in a relationship kept me grounded and stabilised, and I had someone to lean on who was also going through it."

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens: The Way They Were

Hudgens was pictured with Butler over a year after her breakup with the Neighbors actor. Despite the fact that the performers had yet to acknowledge their suspected romance, they eventually verified it on their own terms.

"Communication is crucial," Hudgens said of their successful romance to Access Hollywood in August 2018. "It's so easy to let things get lost in the mix or to push things to the back of your mind because you don't think they're bothering you." But if anything troubles you in the least, you have to talk about it."

In August 2015, the Carrie Diaries star told alum Entertainment Tonight that in a romantic relationship, "it's crucial to put that other person first." "If you're always looking for new methods to improve yourself,

In addition, the Shannara Chronicles alum has gushed about his long-term love. He complimented Hudgens for being an inspiration to him in July 2019. He told E! News at the time, "It's hard for me to even put into words what that girl means to me." "She inspires me every day, and I adore her to the core."

Hudgens and Butler broke up on January 14, 2019, after nearly nine years of dating, according to Us Weekly. According to a source, the couple has been "telling those close to her about their breakup."

Scroll down to explore a timeline of the couple's relationship.

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