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Alex Jones net worth 2022

Alex Jones net worth

Alex Jones net worth
Alex Jones net worth

According To Uswhispers Alex Jones net worth $2.5 Million Author and radio host Alex Jones is also. The "Alex Jones Show," a nationally syndicated radio talk show that Jones hosts out of Austin, Texas, is the programme for which he is best known.

Free Speech Systems LLC, the plaintiff in a Texas defamation lawsuit, has been Alex's main source of revenue in recent years.'s parent firm is called Free Speech Systems LLC. Only between 2018 and 2021, according to court documents, Alex received $18 million in dividends and other revenue from Free Speech Systems LLC.

According to a different court document, Jones' conglomerate of businesses earned $76 million in gross revenue in 2019, a large portion of which came from apparel sales.

Jones personally spent $10 million on legal bills to defend himself in numerous Sandy Hook defamation cases, according to additional court documents.

Early Life

Jones was raised in the Rockwell neighbourhood of Dallas, Texas, where he was born on February 11th, 1974. Later, he was brought up in Austin. His mother stays at home, and his father works as a dentist. In 1993, he received his diploma from Anderson High School in Austin. After that, he went to Austin Community College but left early.

He started his career in Austin working on a public access TV programme with live call-ins before switching to radio in 1996 and anchoring a programme on KJFK called "The Final Edition." While he was a candidate for Congress, Ron Paul appeared on his show frequently. He and Shannon Burke shared first place in the Austin Chronicle readers' poll for "Best Austin Talk Show Host" in 1999. Later that year, because to his refusal to extend his themes and the fact that his opinions made it difficult for the station to sell advertisements, he was let go from KJFK. Then Jones started hosting his show from his house and streaming it online.

Jones ran as a Republican for Texas House District 48 State Representative in 2000. He stated that he was participating in the race to "be a watchdog from the inside," but he later dropped out. Jones' radio programme was syndicated on about 100 stations in 2001. Following the 9/11 attacks, Jones started promoting the inside job hypothesis, which claimed that the Bush government was responsible for the attack.

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