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Actress Leila George And Sean Penn Divorced 2022 Confirmed

Sean Penn and Leila George's divorce has been finalised. In July 2020, the pair, who had been dating since 2016, married in the midst of the pandemic. George The couple filed for divorce in October 2021, just over a year after getting married. According to court paperwork, the couple's divorce was finalised and approved on Friday, according to People.

Actress Leila George And  Sean Penn Divorced 2022 Confirmed

According to People, neither party is seeking spousal support, and the filings also show that Penn and George officially divorced in September 2021. Irreconcilable conflicts were claimed as the reason for the couple's split. In an interview with Hollywood Authentic earlier this month, Penn discussed his marriage.

He admitted that he was still smitten by George and continued, "I'm in love with a woman named Leila George, who I only see on a daily basis now since I messed up my marriage. We were only married for a year, but I was a terrible husband for five years."

Penn was formerly married to Robin Wright, with whom he had a son Hopper, 28, and a daughter Dylan, 31. In the midst of the Russian invasion, the actor was recently in the news for going to Ukraine to film a documentary. Penn also met with President Zelenskyy during his visit in Ukraine, about which the actor later commented in interviews after his return to the United States. "I was constantly impressed and affected by him and afraid for him and Ukraine," the actor told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Leila George And Sean Penn Divorced 2022 Uswhispers

His age difference with The Kid star is a whopping 31 years. According To Uswhsipers He recently said that he still loves his ex-wife and that he broke up with her.

She is "Leila George," he said. He only sees her on a daily basis now because he broke up with her in the marriage.

Penn said, "We were married legally for one year, but for five years, I was a very selfish guy."

Then, the actor said, "I know this is my best friend in the world and the most influential, inspiring person, outside of my own blood, that anyone could ask to have in their life."

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