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A Perfect Pairing Review 2022 :Victoria Justice (Netflix)

A Perfect Pairing Review 2022

A Perfect Pairing Review 2022

According To Uswhispers On a lonely night at home, director Stuart McDonald's "A Perfect Pairing" goes perfectly with a nice bottle of wine. This romantic comedy centred on an assured woman who finds love and purpose in the land down under offers delightful entertainment while appealing to our most wholesome sensibilities, providing a respite from our hectic reality.

It follows the formula for Netflix branded content that is typically reserved for their holiday films, and it is charming, cute, and fairly satisfying.

Lola Alvarez (Victoria Justice) prioritises the happiness of her clients over her own. She enjoys her job as a sales director at a wine distribution company, but she despises her cruel, condescending boss Calder (Craig Horner). Her love life has been on hold since a divorce a few years ago, and she hasn't felt the need to restart it, citing her hectic work schedule as an excuse.

When Lola's desperate colleague Audra (Lacy Durack) betrays her, cutting her in line for a promotion, she quits in a rage and starts her own wine import company. With only one small account on her roster, she requires a major label to make a name for herself in the industry.

Cast of A Perfect Pairing

Few streaming services have a larger collection of cheesy romcoms than Netflix, and another new one is set to arrive this week.

A Perfect Pairing stars an American and an Australian actor as a LA wine sales executive who falls for an Australian sheep farmer while trying to land a big client.

Continue reading to find out who's in the cast and where you might have seen them before.

Lola, who are you? A hard-working LA wine company sales executive quits her job in the hopes of starting her own wine distribution company and books a plane ticket to rural Australia to pursue her first potential client.

Victoria Justice has appeared in what other films? Justice is best known for her television roles as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 and Tori Vega on Victorious, as well as her film roles in Fun Size, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, The Outcasts, and Afterlife of the Party. She also starred in the thriller series Eye Candy.

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